MiDo Scientific German-English Translation Services
You can see some examples of Michael Dollman's work, in the form of German / English websites

PNZ Produkte - Wood protection products [www.pnz.de]
Steyla Technologies, Inc. - Specialist telecommunications advisory and development company [www.steyla.de]
Import Scout - Far East B2B import platform [www.import-scout.com]
Hausner Management Services [www.mbhausner.de]
HEKAtech GmbH - Analysentechnik - Elementary and organic compound analysis [www.hekatech.de]
Olive oil from Zakynthos [www.zakynthos.ch]
Other major projects include:

Spektrum Lexikon der Physik - Sections 'Laboratory Methods', 'Geophysics and the Environment', 'Waves and Vibrations' [www.spektrum-verlag.de]
The Trilogy of Inductors (ISBN 3-934350-73-9) - 300 page design guide for inductors and filters [www.wuerth-elektronik.de]
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