MiDo Scientific German-English Translation Services

Exclusively native speaker, professional full-time translators - ensuring a quality, qualified translation
Rapid service - overnight and weekend service available (20% surcharge on standard rates) with no compromise in quality
Reliability - Service you can count on with only pleasant surprises
Comprehensive software tools - as well as up-to-date standard Microsoft packages, MiDo offers Trados - Translation Memory Technology for greater consistency, especially suited for extensive, repetitive documents
Advanced computing facilities - 24/7 ISDN Internet link for quick reliable communication, secure data protection and backup
Internet resources - Used to good effect, ensuring use of appropriate, modern terminology, of particular importance in high-tech documentation where the equivalent term may not be in found in established dictionaries
Glossary of technical terms - provided at no extra cost with every job, as a quick reference and/or to form the basis for future jobs
Full report - delivered with every job. Open questions requiring the client's internal knowledge are clearly addressed to ensure the best possible result
UK or US English - Michael Dollman, a UK native speaker, has extensive experience working for US companies
Fair prices - so you will want to come back and no bank charges for customers in the UK or Germany. Just contact for a quote
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